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Timber for sale in France


Timber is most of the time sold stumpage and sometimes at road side. Timber buyers usually compete against each other by way of bidding. Bidding is organized by forestry management professionals by providing would-be competitors timber cut descriptions, indications pertaining to the location, date and time of upcoming sales as well as selling conditions pertaining to each item put on to the market.

Other ways of buying timber are also possible either by way of tender offers or on an arm’s length basis. Public timber is most of the time sold by way of tender offers.

Usually volumes are predetermined by the seller (or his professional representative). Potential buyers are welcome to visit on location the cuts ready for sale and to visually inspect or to sample the timber cruise provided to them by the seller. If he so wishes he can also systematically estimate each stem (or log) available for the sale.

Other sales methods are also possible by way of bidding timber on a price per unit basis with the possibility either for the buyer to cut and log the trees or for the seller to commit himself to have the trees cut and logged to the road side at a certain due date. After cutting is done, tree volume is determined by specie and grade and the total value of the sale is then computed. Payment takes place usually before hauling unless a bond or some guaranteed bill of payment has been issued to cover the transaction value.

When sold stumpage, timber is prepaid by way of payment terms, say 1/3 cash upon contract signature, 1/3 due in three months time and 1/3 due in six months time. Other terms of payments are available depending on owner’s wish and size of sale. Terms payments are made by way of guaranteed bank bills given to the owner upon the transaction. The owner may then require his bank to have these bills cashed (at a discount) and have the money accruing to his account.

You can look at the French side of this web page under the heading:

Coupes mise à la vente” (Timber cuts put on sale) to see what is available today.

If you would need some translation help regarding species, grades, terms of sale and what not, we will try to help you become a competitor.

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